Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday Prediction: Speedy Edition

First and foremost, let me just say that the one good thing about February is that several of my friends were born during that month. So I apologize if I implied that your birthday (or you being born) was terrible just because of it happening during the worst month of the year. Next, I'll finish my rant on February this week, but for now let's talk about the Big Game. Rather than go into my usual overly-verbose style, I'm just going to list off ten facts, observations, and other musings I've had lately.

  1. I think that the least talked about aspect of Green Bay vs Pittsburgh is a triumph of the NFL's brilliant revenue sharing approach. No other major sport could field championship caliber teams from markets as small as Pittsburgh and Milwaukee, much less have them be considered traditional powerhouses. 
  2. When owners and players see such a successful model, they have to destroy it as quickly as possible. In my lifetime, no major sport has survived an extended strike/lockout without immediate dire repercussions to its popularity. In 1994, baseball canceled the World Series because of a grievance between millionaire players and billionaire owners. While the sport eventually recovered (although no longer the most popular sport), it took the Steroid Era to do so (which many baseball fans believe to be a deal with the Devil). The NHL's strike effectively removed it from the pantheon of major sports.
  3. The Steelers can outplay any team in the NFL. Unfortunately, they can only do that for about one half a week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's called a "Power Hour" for a reason

So, a week after I declared the Titans to be worse off than the rock-bottom Broncos, the Titans and Jeff Fisher agree to part ways. Clearly, once Bud Adams realized he had lost the support of the EMPH and its vital Azerbaijani fan base, he had to sack Fisher as a means of appeasement. Personally, I am surprised that Bud Adams is going to be rid of both Vince Young and Fisher. I had been told that, at 88 years young, Bud Adams had adopted the pharaonic management technique. Like the kings of Ancient Egypt, Bud Adams was going to be entombed with his worldly possessions and his servants, so that he may carry both with him to the afterlife. Adams has succeeded in dragging the Titans to the grave (all that's left is to construct a pyramid over LP Field, which can't be too far off), but I'm surprised that he isn't going to entomb Fisher & Young with himself. By the way, the first sign that LP Field will be converted into a giant pyramid will be talk of adding a retractable roof. So keep an eye out for that.

Now, some people may be concerned that my blog wields power enough to ride the most tenured (and serially mediocre) coach in the NFL and that I would be driven mad with power. Well, first let me state that I went mad a long time ago. Although that statement seems to imply there was a period in my life when I was not crazy. In fact, let me state emphatically that anyone who claims I was normal at some point is a slanderous cretin out to disparage my name. But I digress. The important thing is that the amount of madness will remain unchanged.

Despite my blog's new found career-destroying powers, I am not content. There's an even greater threat than Pharaoh Adamsotep and I am powerless to stop it. I speak of the worst month of the year, the annual blight on our calendars that no one can stop: February.