Friday, May 18, 2012

Curse you, Summer Cold!

So I'm about 1,800 words into The Bottom Five of Mass Effect 3. The trouble is I've been dealing with a real nasty cold the past few days and it's interfering with my ability to be snarky. Hopefully, I'll be able to muster at least a 7 on the snarkometer tomorrow morning. If not, then God help us all.

Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You

Brian King and I successfully watched all three Star Wars movies today. And yes there are only three. Those stupid movies that came out last decade were just high budget rip-offs that are not in-canon. I finally watched my BluRay High-Definition But Irrevocably Scarred by George Lucas's Undying Affection for CGI Edition. The HDBISbGLUAfCGIE was great. The CGI was pretty terrible one Tatooine, which meant it suffered a lot in the early part of a New Hope and Return of the Jedi. I don't get why Lucas feels the urge to always clutter the scenes. The good news is Empire Strikes Back is virtually untouched and they do a better job with "Han Shot First". Greedo still fires, but I felt like he was dead by the time his shot went off, which explains why it went wide right. Anyways, during Empire, Brian and I developed a drinking game. For optimal results, I would advise using a large pizza and have at least 4 beers at your disposal. Without further ado, the Star Wars Drinking Game:

  1. Take a drink every time Han cracks a one liner. 
  2. Take a drink every time Luke is annoying.
  3. Take a drink every time 3PO calculates odds.
  4. Take a drink every time Lando's line could be ended with "Awww yeah". 
  5. Take a drink whenever Leia is bossy.
  6. Take a drink whenever Leia looks longingly at Han.
  7. Take a drink every time Vader kills someone. 
  8. Take a drink every time there is an iconic line.
  9. Take a drink every time R2 uses his USB thingie. 
  10. Take a drink every time an AT-AT is destroyed.

Patent Pending

So tonight, a discussion with some of my Econ friends led me to the decision to invent a new type of restaurant genre: Dude Food. Dude Food is primarily burgers, wings, and pizza. I may yet open a restaurant called Dude Food which specializes in those three things. There could even be a lucrative sponsorship deal: The English Muffin Power Hour, brought to you by Dude Food.

In other news, I am now the #7 suggestion when you type in "English Muffin" on Google. This is awesome!