Friday, October 7, 2011

Crazy Times Call for Crazy Measures

Hey there, blogaholics. It's Friday, which means you can have some more delicious blogahol. Last week, I alluded to the fact that I had a plan for daily update schedule. I thought I would take some time today and talk to you about it. I wanted to discuss this earlier in the week, but a combination of Labor Economics, Linear Algebra, gray cats, and Gears of War 3 meant that this was the first time I really had clear to blog. Without further ado, let's get to the proposed blogging schedule!

Week of English Muffin Power Hour

Video Game Mondays
Top Five Tuesdays
Fantasy Football Wednesdays
Toss-up Thursdays
Wild Card Friday
Adventure Story Saturdays
Silly Video Sundays

Now that I've revealed the schedule, let's talk in detail about each category. Video Game Mondays was something I was hesitant to add, because I know there are few things more boring to my non-gamer readership than video games. That said, I also have a freaking huge back catalog of content here and gaming is rapidly becoming a part of mainstream life. So I'm not an oddball for liking Halo and talking about how much I enjoy playing Halo with friends. I'm an oddball because I have an almost encyclopedic memory of Halo.

Total tangent here, but I'm actually the #1 Google search result for "Almost too shocked for words" (first out of nearly 86 million results, mind you). You may notice that the rest of the first page results are from the Halopedia. Draw what conclusions you will.

But I digress. The point is talking at length about video games is no challenge for me and, especially considering how crazy my Mondays are this year, this is a good thing. I can update this regularly. The Iron Dirigible updates showed me that I can still maintain a strong readership when I'm not talking strictly about comedy.

Top 5 Tuesdays and Toss Up Thursdays are both great concepts for blogging I had earlier this year. Sadly, I abandoned them because... I kinda forgot about them. But no more! Yes, the reason these updates are on Tuesday and Thursday is because of mnemonic devices. At times, I am a very simple man.

Fantasy Football Wednesdays have already happened 3 times, never on a Wednesday though. I got a lot of quality feedback from non-football junkies about the Iron Dirigible updates, so I'll keep posting that here. I'm sure my league will appreciate having regular updates.

Wild Card Fridays are there because I couldn't come up with another topic. This will be the closest to the old school style of English Muffin Power Hour, because I have almost nothing to do on Friday afternoons (except Tae Kwon Do). So expect this to be like the regular EMPH, but much, much better at kicking.

Adventure Story Saturdays are going to be tales of my adventures in Middle Tennessee. Silly Video Sundays are where I post a video I find funny, because Sundays are for football and/or homework and probably church. Really, the weekends are self-explanatory.

My main concern with this update schedule is quality control. I'm worried that the average length of articles would fall significantly with a daily update schedule. To that end, I'm considering cutting out the Saturday and Sunday articles. It would give me the weekend to work ahead (a stunning concept) and the weekend topics are definitely the weakest of the seven.

So how does that sound, readers? In either case, you're getting substantially more English Muffins than you're used to!