Monday, December 8, 2008

Finals Time

Well, finals are here, so that means its video time!

Today's theme is floating robots.

First of all we have Dr. Ball, M.D. from Robot Chicken. It is easily the best minute I have invested this week.

Next, we have a real life floating robot.

Wow. I do not want to face down the flying death cube.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Lots of news to go over. First, yesterday was the single busiest day of my college career. Originally, I had planned to make a list but it turned out rather boring. So instead, I'm going to talk about pizza.

In fact I'm going to use this as a platform to launch a new feature of mine. I'll call it The Hunter Wholehearted Recommendation. I'm a man of strong opinions and excellent taste. Truly, it has been criminally negligent to deny the world this information for so long.

There are two predominant kinds of pizza: the New York style and the Chicago style. There is an alleged California style, but from what I can tell, all they do is put expensive toppings on wheat crusts and charge you twice the price for it. That misses the fundamental glory of pizza. It's an affordable way to have delicious food and feed a family of four teenage ninja turtles.

But I digress. I consider myself an expert on Pizzaology as it has been my primary subsistence for nigh on eighteen years. So, as you might imagine, I've had a great deal of experience with pizza. But considering the results of the election, experience might not be the best angle for me to preach. But I shall preach it nonetheless. But I digress.

The Chicago pizza is best known as the deep dish. It also has some very unusual backwards pizza, wherein the cheese is on top of the crust and the tomato sauce is on top of the cheese. It is very delicious but easily the messiest pizza. Outside of Chicago, this pizza is almost entirely a deep dish, which is code for "Fill them up with bread". I am confident that chains come up with an amount of cheese and toppings they'll give you and just fill up the rest of the pan with crust, be it thin, hand tossed, or Chicago Deep Dish. So unless you like having a loaf of bread with your pizza, I'd stay away from the Chicago Pizzas in Murfreesboro.

I hate everything about New York. I hate the Mets. I hate the Yankees. I hate the Knicks. I hate the crowds. I hate the subways. I hate the taxis. But I love their pizza (also, Broadway is good and the museums are great). The slices are giant. The toppings are plentiful. The pie has a dominant presence on the table. The crust is light and delicious. All in all, if Jesus made a pizza, it'd be close to the New York Style.

Hunter Wholeheartedly Recommends: New York Style Pizza