Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year In Review

So, I kinda sorta fouled up the whole "daily update" idea, as I always do when I promise daily updates. So instead, I thought I would close out 2012 by talking about some of the highlights of the year.

Best Movie of 2012

Okay, it's really hard to find a good poster of Les Miserables on short notice, so tolerate the limited German. There were a number of great movies this year. The Avengers had an unprecedented effort towards cross-film continuity and was an excellent summer action film. The Dark Knight Rises concluded Nolan's excellent Batman trilogy and actually closed the story of Batman effectively and happily, something that no comic book writer likes to do because then you can't sell more comic books. However, they both pale in comparison to Les Miserables which manages to bring one of Broadway's best musicals to the silver screen in a creative and compelling fashion. They could've been lazy about it and just done the musical but with better special effects or just done a screen play with a few of the songs from the musical in it. In a worst case scenario, they would highlight Taylor Swift's hot new single "On My Own (Remix) ft. Harry Styles".  But they managed to walk the line between adapting all of the highlights of the musical while making necessary concessions to the medium of film, such as a few lines of spoken dialogue. I could go on for hours about Les Mis, but the new years is only 90 minutes away and I have a three more categories to go over! In summary, I shed tears at the end of the movie because it was that movie. I mean, tear. A single manly tear. I didn't just admit to crying at the end of a musical. I'm totally virile, fine honeys, I swear.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Unthinkable- Hiatus until 12/16

All right, I'm going to level with you. I really wanted to keep the schedule I set in the last post. But then I got sick and have been trying to convince myself that I would not be Patient Zero in the zombie apocalypse ever since. The good news is that today I am certain that I am a human and will not be the first of the living dead. The bad news is that humans have to worry about grad school and I have several major things to take care of over the next 12 days. Luckily, we're in a lull at work so I should be able to make up time there. Oh wait, I'm lying. We're about to enter the second busiest time of year for the world of Residential Life.

So here's the deal. I have at least 20 pages of writing to do over the next 2 weeks and 3 finals to study for on top of that in addition to my other responsibilities. So I'm putting the blog on break until the 16th, when the world finally slows down. So I need to be producing about 6,000 words over the next twelve days plus studying plus two presentations (which are literally no sweat for me). It's not impossible, but I also know I won't be able to put the normal effort I like to put into my blogs. Also, as you might have inferred, while 6,000 words is the bare minimum of what my professors ask of me, I will more than likely exceed that total which will be great for my grade and bad for my spare time.

I offer you a promise: come December 16th, there will be new content and new postings every day from then until the end of the world. Or December 22nd, which ever one comes first.