Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week's Schedule

Hello, my rapidly dwindling and oft-neglected fan base. You're probably wondering why I went three months without updating my blog. The short answer is I was busy. The long answer is I spent three months kickboxing bears in the brutal Australian outback. The clever reader will note that there are no bears in the Australian outback. However, so intense was my training that they had to import bears to a safe location, far away from other bears, so the entire bear family might be safe. That's how brutal my training was. However, I've decided to outline my next week of topics. That's right, I'm going to be updating my blog daily for the next week! It's my reward to you, my invisible fan base, for not murdering me in my sleep for not updating.

Sunday: Kickboxing Bears in Australia (check!)
Monday: NBA Draft Shenanigans
Tuesday: My Romance and Horrible Break-up with Spore
Wednesday: My Romance and Horrible Break-up with XKCD
Thursday: Greatest Day of the Year
Friday: My Reconciliation with the iPod
Saturday: Manliest Show/Website EVER